Environmental Policy & Objectives Statement                                      10th October 2006
  As Leading Company, We Recognise That We Have A Role To Play In Ensuring That We Manage Our Environmental Impacts.
We Also Recognise That We Have A Role To Play In Communicating Good Environmental Practice Outside Our Company.

Our Environmental Policy Is Based On Four Goals:
  We Will Seek To Integrate The Identification And Management Of Environmental Issues Within Our Every-Day Business Practices.
2)  We Will Give Full Consideration To The Management Of Our Key Environmental Impacts.
3)  We Will Strive to Ensure That Environmental Improvements Go Hand-In-Hand With Reduced Costs And Increased Efficiency.
4)  Where Appropriate, We Will Use Our Position As A Leading Company to Promote Good Environmental Practice Through
      Our Products And Services.

In Fulfilling Our Environmental Policy We Have Set Ourselves The Following Objectives:
1)  To Ensure That We Identify And Communicate Good Environmental Practice Throughout Our Business.
2)  To Regularly Review Our Policy Regarding The Use Of All Recycled Materials Within Our Business.
3)  To Identify And Monitor Our Energy Usage With A View To Setting Reduction Targets.

In Fulfilling Our Environmental Policy We Have Implemented The Following Practices:
1)  Paper And Cardboard: Incoming boxes And Cartons Are Where Possible Reused For Shipping Out Goods.
2)  All Unusable Paper and Cardboard Is disposed of at  Local Authority Recycling Facilities.
3)  When possible we recycled all Toner And  Ink Cartridges For Printers, Faxes & Photocopiers.
4)  Inline With WEEE Directive All Waste Electrical And Electronic Equipment Is Disposed Of At Designated Local Authority Recycling Facilities